Speaking Topics


Becoming a Leader

Conflict Management

Contingency Planning - Continuity of Operations Planning, Resiliency, Redundancy, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Communications, etc.

Communication Skills for All Occasions

Creating, Managing, or Becoming Peak Performers 

Creating a Leadership Paradigm

Creating and Managing Organizational Change

Criminal Behavior

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure

Crisis Management 

Crisis Management - Emotional Resilience

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Overview

Demystifying Terrorism

Developing Individual and Organizational Ethics

Developing Mitigation Strategies for Critical Infrastructures

Drug Use Recognition

Ethical Challenges and Solutions in Organizations

Effective Communication Skills

Effective Crisis Leadership

Emergency Management 

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Response

Enhancing Leadership Skills – based on Dr Fox’s book - The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Public Service Leadership and Management

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Policing or Public Service

Evidence Based Best Practices for Public Service/Safety Agencies

Examining and Implementing Transformational Leadership

Fine Tuning Your Training - based on Dr. Fox’s book - The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Teaching and Training – Face-to-Face and Online

General Criminal Justice Procedure and Policies

Homeland Security

Jihad as Terrorism

Leadership 101 – Role of the First Line Supervisor

Leadership and Management 

Leadership Solutions: Before, During, and After an Emergency/Crisis

Mastering Police Work – based on Dr. Fox’s book - The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police Officer: A Guide to Professional Policing

Mitigation Strategies

Police and Community Relations

Police Professionalism (Public Service Professionalism) 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Pulling Levers – Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction

Risk Assessment

Sex crime investigations (Serial Offenders and sex crimes/sexual predators)

Surviving and Thriving in a Law Enforcement Career


Terrorism 101

The Phases of Emergency Management (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Prevention) 

Traffic Incident Management (Basic – first responder, Intermediate, Advanced) 

Traffic Safety

Traffic Work Zone Safety: Traffic safety through education, engineering, and enforcement

The Intelligence Process

Use of Force and Officer Safety

Understanding Risk Assessment

WMD and Terrorism Overview