Professor Fox's background and his passion for success for all parties was tremendously encouraging.  He took the time to provide constructive and pointed feedback that allowed for improvement as the course progressed. Top-notch faculty!
Student  - Criminal Investigation Class  

I was extremely encouraged by this professor.  You could see his love for this work and his passion and encouragement was infectious. He made the work easily understood for those of us who do not currently work in the field. I did not get overwhelmed or feel out of my element. He made me want to do well, and I cannot describe how much I appreciated the class!
Student  - Criminal Investigation Class   

Very knowledgeable and personable, was able to associate with us. Even without ever meeting him I have grown to respect him very much and would love to take another class with him. His viewpoints and communications were objective and mind opening. Probably the best instructor I have had, and I've had a lot. LOL
Student - Administration of Justice Organizations Class 

Great faculty member, good teacher and instructor with good knowledge and passion for teaching. Makes students feel comfortable. Students know what is expected but don't feel intimidated, he makes you feel comfortable and fosters an environment that is condusive for learning.  GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!! One of the best I've had.
Student -  Research and Writing Class  

Professor Fox was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He provided instruction, help, and encouragement throughout the entire course. I wish every professor could be like him.
Student  - Criminal Investigation Class

Dr. Fox was wonderful and very available to all of us. He answered questions quickly and gave great and fast feedback about my work.
Student  -  Youth and Crime Class

Great professor. Really looks out for his students. Always made sure that we knew he was available for whatever we needed. Could come to him for anything.
Student - Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Senior Seminar Class  

I loved this course!! Dr. Fox you really managed to make these topics come alive.
Student  - Emergency Planning and Incident Management Class 

Dr. Fox has been one of the finest professors I've had had. He was extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire course. He took great interest in each and every assignment we submitted and was 100% committed to our learning experience. I honestly wish I could have him as a professor for the remainder of my graduate courses. He embodies what a top notch professor should be. I cannot say enough positive words about Dr. Fox - he is outstanding!!!! He has reaffirmed my passion for learning and made me want to be a better student. Thank you!!!
Student - Risk Assessment Class

Dr. Fox is an amazing professor! I wish he taught more courses.
Student - Risk Assessment Class 

I highly recommend Dr. Fox's book The Ultimate Guide To Excellent Teaching and Training. As a student of Dr. Fox's, I found him to be a professor who is genuinely interested in seeing others become successful not only in their educational and professional careers, but in life as well. I consider Dr. Fox to be a fabulous role model, and a genuine positive inspiration in my life. And I am certain that this work will be beneficial to others.


I just completed your Creating and Managing Organizational Change webinar and it was FANTASTIC! You included so many ideas that could create an “ah ha” moment for a lot of people here…

Thank you!